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HR Zone » Human Resource Management » One Day Training program on Art of Managing Employees @ Novetel Chennai on 14th March 2020

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One Day Training program on Art of Managing Employees @ Novetel Chennai on 14th March 2020
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Human Resource Management (HR) is the strategic approach to the effective people management in an organization. Effective HR help their business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee commitment & capability. The overall purpose of human resources is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people.


The objective of this one day workshop is to create awareness on various H R processes.

• To give an overview to participants about the H R process

• To hire efficient people through STAR method

• To prepare structured induction process so that employees are aware about the value system in the organisation

• To implement HR Handbook Concept in each organisation so that ambiguity is minimised

• To help participants to delegate effectively

• To learn the strategies of retention of employees

• To know how to enhance employer image so that organisation becomes a preferred employer


S No Topic

Module 1 : Recruitment & Induction

1.1 Various Sources of Recruitment

1.2 Behavioural Event Interviewing (STAR Method)

1.3 Salary Fixing Guidelines

1.4 Induction or On boarding

1.5 HR Handbook

Module 2 : Delegation

2.1 Process & Importance of Delegation

2.2 Outcome of effective delegation

2.3 Create learning organisation through effective delegation

2.4 Succession planning

Module 3 : Employee Engagement

3.1 Various tools to enhance engagement

3.2 Purpose of Engagement survey , Using the data effectively

3.3 Retention strategies for business stability

3.4 Reward & Recognitions

3.5 Building an Employer Brand image

Questions & Answers


The workshop is administered through interactive sessions supported by visual aids, management games, exercises, psychometric tests etc which would enhance the ability of the participants to understand about latest HR concepts and apply the same in their workplaces.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the training program, the participants would be better equipped to:

• Enhanced knowledge in various H R process

• Ability to conduct STAR method Interviews

• Will be able to implement world class HR Process & Practices in their Organisations

• Manage, Retain, Employees Effectively

• Would be able to develop a happy organisation

Target Audience

Business Owners, Aspiring business owners, Consultants, Department Heads


Investment shall be Rs 7500/- Per head + GST

Early Bird Offers

Special early bird investment Rs 5000/- + GST for those who are registering on or before 20th February 2020

Early bird investment Rs 6000/- + GST for those who are registering on or before 5th of March 2020

Special Offers

a) An advance HR tool kit worth of Rs 20,000/- consisting all forms, HR Policies, Performance indicators shall be provided for those who are registering on or before 15th February 2020

b) An basic HR tool kit worth of Rs 5,000/- consisting all forms shall be given to all participants

c) Accompanying spouse need to pay only Rs 1,500/- ie the investment shall be Rs9,000/- for couple

d) For group booking, please contact us, to know the special package

H R Toolkit

Those who are unable to attend the session can purchase Advanced HR Toolkit for Rs 20,000/- + GST and Basic HR Toolkit can be purchased for Rs 5,000/- + GST

Launching soon!!

Art of Getting Result (HR for Business Owners – Part 2)

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