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HR MIS/Metrics
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Posted 26-10-2018Reply

Can anyone please help with HR metrics with all in one metrics for recruitment, training, compensation and benefit and IR and admin.

Please email at

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  Rated 0 | Posted 08-03-2019


I suggest, all in one hr metrics offered by TheHRBulb. They are the best agency in delhi offering recruitment outsourcing services, payroll management services, PF and ESI compliances services, LMS deployment services, employee engagement services and many...Visit here..

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  Rated 0 | Posted 07-06-2019

HR Metrics:
1.Cost per hire: Recruitment costs/Cost of compensation + Cost of benefits
2.Yield ratio: Percentage of applicants that make it to the next stage of the application process.
3.Benefit cost per employee: Total cost of employee benefits/Total number of employees
4.Compensation cost per employee: Total cost of compensation for the year/Average number of employees
5.Training hours: Total training hours/Total number of employees
6.Revenue per employee: Revenue/Total number of employees
7.Rate of performance goals met: Number of performance goals met/Total number of performance goals
8.Tenure: Average number of years in service of all employees
9.Absence rate: Number of days absent (month)/Average number of employees (month) x number of workdays
10.Annual turnover: Number of employees leaving during a 12-month period/Average number of employees during the same period

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